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References from 2013

  • Reconstruction of JAVYS (AKOBOJE) physical protection system at the Jaslovské Bohunice site – supply and construction of a new electrical system (heavy current portion)
  • Repair of the ANG, ATJ and ATK distributors in Tr, Horná Ždaňa
  • Documentation – Repair of V045, V407, KSP400kV, T401 and T402 outlets protections in ESI Liptovská Mara
  • Inspection of T 14, T 17 and T 23 transformers by extending the core in the Tepláreň východ production plant
  • Remote management and supplementation of T 402 in ESI Stupava – implementation launch
  • Electrical distribution at the ethylene unit in SLOVNAFT, a.s. – implementation launch
  • Replacing conductors on the V449 Levice – Göd power lines
  • The 2x400 kV power line between the intersection of V409 and V071/072 power lines and the Voľa power station
  • DP Bratislava Cogeneration Unit, Jurajov Dvor, part PS 05 – power outlet
  • Air Liquide Welding Central Europe, s.r.o.– Extending the transformer station with the 630 kVA transformator and LV strong current distribution
  • Transformation of 400/110 kV Voľa – launch of implementation
  • Operation and maintenance of photovoltaic plants