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Management Systems Policy

In the performance of its activities and management of subcontractor activities, the company adopts the following commitments, which will be closely followed and implemented.

The Board of Directors is committed to:

  • Consistently providing the company’s products in line with customer requirements and in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • Applying the principle of continuous improvement in access to a quality system, a safety and health system during work, and environmental creation and protection.
  • Carrying out work only by competent personnel and subcontractors with an emphasis on compliance with occupational safety, and health and environmental protection.
  • Ensuring the prevention of environmental pollution by minimizing any potential risks in its activities and the activities of subcontractors involved in the final product.
  • As part of the continuous improvement of environmental protection, focus on minimizing waste and maximizing the recycling of generated waste.
  • Regularly informing the relevant government administration bodies, employees and the public about the management system policy and pollution level, and maintaining an open dialogue on these systems with them.
  • Ensuring the regular assessment of employees’ health in hazardous work areas.
  • Paying attention to the continuous education of employees, subcontractors, and increasing awareness of established management systems.
  • Regularly reviewing the functioning and effectiveness of the implemented management system by the company management.